5 Must Have Apps To Boost Work Productivity

Posted on Jan 3 2016 - 2:27am by HackTribune

Today we are here with 5 Must-Have Apps To Boost Work Productivity. There was a time when we manually did most of the work of our professional lives. Let it be developing your expenses statement, arranging a meeting, a seminar, or even writing down little reminders for day to day tasks. However, much of the time we spent on preparing for this work was actually the time, we should have been doing this stuff. From last few years, after a revolution of small day to day innovations, a workplace is now a completely different place for us. The same work, which seemed to be extremely hectic can now be done in much less time and more efficiently. Smartphones have also become a necessity for us to achieve a completely optimized and efficient work result. We can do much more with our smartphones than one could have thought to do the same with their cellular devices not more but just five years back. Today, we are going to give you a review about must have 5 apps to boost your work productivity.

5 Must-Have Apps To Boost Work Productivity

5 Must Have Apps To Boost Work Productivity

5 Must-Have Apps To Boost Work Productivity

1. Evernote: Ranked at number one on our 5 must-have apps to boost work productivity. This is a modernized version of sticky notes. This app is small enough to store your daily tasks, pictures, document files, plans, ideas and reminders about different tasks to do in just one place. Still feel the same about it? Not only this but it allows you to draw using a skitch tool just like you did in old school sticky notes. The interesting thing is that all this can be done for a single individual to a  scale big enough to a whole company to use! And for all those people who are very careful about the security issues, well a two-factor Authorization is coming soon.

2.GoToMeeting: Ranked at number two on our 5 must-have apps to boost work productivity. It’s a more organized and a larger version of Skype. This can be a perfect explanation of this app. It helps you host meetings, web-seminars and training sessions right from your iPad, or an iPhone  or an Android Device. You can do this all, along with sharing your documents, pictures, and other media right from your screen. These meetings can hold up to 25 attendees online from anywhere around the globe. Although it’s a premium service, but considering the costs of actually arranging  these seminars, travel expenses and time lost in doing so, $468 a year is a huge saving and a lot of efficiencies.

3.Cloudone: Ranked  at number three on our 5 must-have apps to boost work productivity. This App provides a single platform, from where you can access all the different cloud services you are subscribed with. A one stop hub to share files, documents and other information with your workers and other employees. It also lets you create and edit Microsoft Office document files on your Tablet or Smartphone just like any other office suit.

4.Expensify: Ranked at number four on our 5 must-have apps to boost work productivity. This App brings the designing of an expense report to a whole new level. Not only this but also doing the input entries is much more simple than it ever was. This software can simply capture an image of any bank statement, credit card statement, and other receipts and neatly organizes expenses with custom categories and tags you have developed. You can even import receipts from services like Evernote and so forth. It lets you get an organized and easy to understand report for your expenses. It’s a free app and comes on all the major platforms including Blackberry.

5.Dragon Mobile Assistant Who doesn’t love to have an assistant but it’s really expensive to hire one. However, with your smartphone, you can have a digital assistant all the time with you without even paying any salary. Dragon Mobile Assistant is the answer. It allows you to dictate it through voice direction to make calls, write texts, check your social media updates and accounts, schedule appointments etc. You can name it by your own choice and just call or yell it. It will wake it up and the software is good to go. Although it’s ranked at number fifth on our 5 must-have apps to boost work productivity, it can never be considered as least important of all in any case.

So if you believe in the modern ways of doing stuff, and you want to incorporate new ways of doing office work in your professional life. We will advise you to go for these apps as a start up. We hope you’ll use our recommended 5 must have apps to boost work productivity as they will change the way you used to complete your office tasks.

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