Call Of Duty Ghosts Review

Posted on Jan 1 2016 - 9:42pm by HackTribune

Call Of Duty Ghosts Review

Despite all the criticism, Call Of Duty Ghosts is no doubt a breathtaking game releasing this year. With the launch of the  next generation gaming consoles this year, we will be getting a whole new level of Call of Duty series, with a completely different storyline, a slightly advanced gameplay and several new features like a companion dog.

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However, after the release of its first trailer, it has faced a lot of criticism. Most of which is mainly about the improvements in graphics alone. Still, we believe that Call of Duty series has its own style of gameplay and features, and this sequel will definitely take this standard to the next level.


Call Of Duty Ghosts Review

What Will You Find in Call Of Duty Ghosts?

Unlike the rest of the series, we won’t be the good guys in this game anymore. The game’s setting is in the future. The World has gone off kilter and America has been occupied by the hostile forces. It’s proud armed forces have been destroyed, and the remainder lives in the underground. According to infinity ward, the main twist in the story is that this time we will be playing as an underdog guerrilla fighter, having to access to all the modern equipment and training. On the flip side, our enemies would be playing with much superior numbers and equipment.

Another great feature is a dog, which can be either silently or vocally commanded and this brings a new wrinkle to the game. Facial animations in Call Of Duty Ghosts is also very detailed. And if not, better than Crysis or Battlefield, at least on par with both the games. Similarly, movement features like slide and lean manoeuvres promise a fast and interesting gameplay.

Call Of Duty Ghosts Graphical Improvements And Settings


Call Of Duty Ghosts Under Water Scene

The settings in Call Of Duty Ghosts are also pretty different this time. As it reflects the post-apocalyptic style of Crysis 3 than its predecessor series of Modern Warfare and Black Ops. With the gleaming Venezuelan cities, to underwater sequence of coral and darting fishes depicting a beautiful underwater sea life. The level of detail, extraordinary graphics and several improvements have made the gameplay just like a real life experience.

Call Of Duty Ghosts Trailer

Final Word

We are pretty sure that this game will be a great hit on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as it not only offers the best graphics but also, it will have a complete storyline, setting, plot and promising gaming features. Do let us know in the comments about your opinions and hopes from the upcoming Call Of Duty Ghosts.

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