Play Your Favorite PC Games On Your Smartphone

Posted on Dec 26 2015 - 8:19pm by HackTribune

With Remotr it is possible to play with your preferred Computer games on your mobile, experiencing the exact same top quality artwork wherever you’re.

Remotr – Play Your Favorite PC Games On Your Smartphone

Yes, it is possible you are able to play PC games within your Smartphone. This is possible with an application which is particularly made for Smartphone to play Computer games on it. You will  need an application which will mirror your Laptop game screen on your SmartPhone and then the game control.

Features Of Remotr App:

  • Stream high-definition and graphic intense games.
  • Play your personal Computer games using gestures. create your own or Use Pre-configured Button!
  • Access and play all the games you have installed on your PC.
  • Multiple Devices at the Same time.
  • Smoothest experience possible when playing your favorite games from your mobile device.

Setup Remotr App:

  1. Download Remotr Application For Pc From Here.
  2. Downloading and Install the Application.
  3. Create Account with Your Valid Credentials.
  4. After that, install Remotr App on your SmartPhone. i-e ( Android iPhone )
  5. Then Log into the Smartphone App with the same Account.Play Your Favorite PC Games On Your Smartphone
  6. After Connecting with the same Account. you will see Ur Pc address in Smartphone app.Play Your Favorite PC Games On Your Smartphone
  7. Now you have to select Game for Playing in Smartphone App.
  8. Then a screen appears where you have to Configure setting to control the game for Playing.


Hurrah! You are Done. Now Play Your Favorite PC Games On Your Smartphone



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